A Dog's Love

In September of last year, we lost one of the pillars of our little family; our best friend, Jack. Two weeks after my 12th birthday, Stacey (our next door neighbour at the time) shouted out the window on a warm May day, that her beautiful, strange dog 'Danika', had birthed 11 pups.

Undeniably thee 10 best things about Christmas.


Of course this is my first thought and I'm sure many others.  This is the time of year you don't feel quite so guilty about having that extra after eight (after eating one humongous turkey, two starters and three desserts; what's an extra deliciously thin chocolate mint on top?). And the smells, oh my the smells.  Eat it all, just eat it all, deal with the rest post Christmas.

5 swimwear sweeties

Hello again! I thought it was about time I revisited my poor neglected blog.  I've been so busy with a new job I took on over my summer break from uni, that I've hardly had any time to myself .  The wee bit of time I do get I seem to either be sleeping or trying to enjoy (unbelievable) Scottish sun/commy games!