The in's and out's of a great fitting over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder...

This is a post I've been, I wouldn't say putting off, but certainly dilly-dallying about, as it's such a huge topic to cover.  So, without further ado, here are the most important bits and pieces of bra fitting, every lovely lady should know.

Breast Cancer Awareness- The no makeup 'selfie'

Another Facebook fad has seemingly developed overnight- 'the no make up selfie', originally started for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Now, whilst I'm all for charity and fundraising,  I feel I can offer a little bit more than my spotty face to the world wide web.  So, after texting my donation, I offer up some advice, on checking your beloved boobies and I'll probably throw in a few of my own experiences fitting lovely ladies who have been through breast cancer.

The Liebster Award, Hooray!

Now this Liebster award thingy was a bit of a head scratcher to begin with, however I think I have gotten my blonde noggin around it now.

It's not so scary!

Bra fitting... It seems that most women who read this phrase will either think one of a few things:

1) I haven't had my bra fitted in years, I've just worn the same size since I was fitted when I was  18...(most women).

2) Oh my god, I could never get my bra fitted, what a scary concept!

3) Bra fitting...what does that involve?

4) Bra fitters talk nonsense, I'm a 34b and I always will be.

5) Bra fitters talk nonsense, noone can get my size right.

I'm too slow for fashion...

Jumping on the blogger 'bandwagon', after watching a few of my friends begin their own, I somehow felt I was missing out on a personal and creative way of expression.  "So, let's start a blog", I thought to myself.