The Liebster Award, Hooray!

Now this Liebster award thingy was a bit of a head scratcher to begin with, however I think I have gotten my blonde noggin around it now.
 Nominated by the lovely Oyster Girl, it's a wonderful little way of networking with like-minded bloggers and the chance to give readers a wee bit more of an insight into the writer behind 'Fill Your Cups', (because I'm sure you're all dying to know).  I have a set of well thought out questions to answer, alongside some facts about myself.  I feel like I'm under a spotlight now!

11 (insert your favourite adjective) Facts about me...

- I am 23 and currently in my second year of  BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy.

- When I was younger I lived in many countries, my dad was an army man.

- You could probably say I have a (slightly unhealthy) obsession with all things Disney & Harry Potter.

- I used to be a Veterinary Nurse.

- I am a lover of all things old, vintage and unique.

- If I am near a charity shop I need to go in, for fear of missing out on a hidden gem or bargain.

- Most of my favourite movies are either black & white, or old classics.

- I love spending time around people, especially old folk.  They have the most wonderful stories which aren't 
  listened to enough.

- I sometimes think that I could be Alice In Wonderland.

- Gin is my tipple of choice, closely followed by peppermint tea.

- I would love to pet a Giraffe.

Now my designated questions from the lovely oyster girl...

1. Why did you start your blog?
I began 'Fill Your Cups', after working for almost 5 years as a bra fitter and realising how many ladies just do not have enough information about the fit of their bra, their bodies & their boobies.  I also like to talk.

2. Morning person or night owl?

Most definitely a night owl, me.  Mornings and I usually have some heated debates and stern words going on.

3. Savoury or sweet?

I am 100% a savoury person.  I could devour cheese and biscuits and not be fussed about a box of chocolates being passed around.  Chocolate, cakes & all things sweetly are not the ones for me, sadly.

4. Favourite season in the year?
This question is tricky for such an indecisive person as me.  I like all the seasons for their own unique reasons.  If I had to choose, winter & summer are both my favourite in equal measures.

5. Whats the one item you could not live without?
I really like dry shampoo.  I feel this may be the item I couldn't live without, but I worry that's a bit... stupid/ boring.  That's my final answer. (I need to also make a shout-out to my beloved bed.)

6. What was the first job you wanted to do when you were wee?
According to family members, when I was about 3, I used to tell people that I was going to grow up to become a taxi driver.  I would seriously worry for my passenger's well-being if that were the case now.

7. Dogs or cats?
I am and always will be, a dog person.

8. In a zombie apocalypse would you board yourself in your home with plenty of supplies OR get in your car with a full tank of petrol and drive with limited supplies?
I feel this is a question I should consult my boyfriend on, as he's the one who plays all the games & would probably be of most help in such a menacing situation.  However, I think I would get in the car & drive.  Being cooped up would probably drive me insane and I'm too nosey to stay cut off from everything.

9. If you were invisible for a day what would you do?
I would probably like to play pranks on people, but then I'm not sure if that would only be funny with an accomplice. I think I would go to the Harry Potter studios as a sneaky free admission, (so wild).

10. Do you believe in fate?
I'm a great believer in 'What's for you, won't go by you', all the ladies in my family love that motto.  I suppose that fate is a bit of a similar concept, so yes, I do.

11. How long have you been blogging for?
 Just over a week.  I'm just beginning to find my feet in the maze that is the blogging world.

So now that that is done, I need to nominate some other nice blogger folk to take us on a wee trip into their world. So for this, I nominate:

And here are my 11 questions for you ladies!

1) What pushed you into beginning a blog?
2) What is your 'must-have' beauty product?
3) What is your favourite thing to do in your spare time?
4) What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
5) What's your favourite book and why?
6) What's your favourite thing about where you live?
7) If you could buy anything, disregarding cost, what would that item be?
8) What is something unique about yourself?
9) Where is your favourite place to shop?
10) If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?
11) What is one piece of advice you would give to your readers?

Well that's a wrap folks!  Thanks again to The Oyster Girl for the award & I hope the new award winners enjoy their questions.  I think this is possibly the longest post I have done so far, so pats on the back all round, for those of you that lasted 'till the end!  

Until the next post...

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  1. You'd die in a zombie apocalypse as your driving skills are questionable at best. Always board up you nugget!