It's not so scary!

Bra fitting... It seems that most women who read this phrase will either think one of a few things:

1) I haven't had my bra fitted in years, I've just worn the same size since I was fitted when I was  18...(most women).

2) Oh my god, I could never get my bra fitted, what a scary concept!

3) Bra fitting...what does that involve?

4) Bra fitters talk nonsense, I'm a 34b and I always will be.

5) Bra fitters talk nonsense, noone can get my size right.

Fear not lovely ladies! I am here to (try to) save the day!  Whenever I have been around ladies and have mentioned the topic of me having worked as a bra fitter, it seems that the majority of women know very little about this 'phenomena', but really do want to know more.  Most ladies have had at least one experience of being fitted, but it seems that, as a whole, you lovely ladies don't have enough information about your boobies, bra types or your body shape.  So this is my new aim in life (alongside becoming a qualified occupational therapist).

So, first thing's first; how do you actually know if your bra fits or not?  Now, there is a lot of information floating around online and in department stores and lingerie boutiques that gives you ladies completely conflicting info.  Understandably, this can be frustrating and will probably put you off bra fitting entirely, leaving you to wander aimlessly around stores trying every bra size possible until one looks 'decent enough'. This won't do! Ladies, you deserve better. Here are some magic little pointers, that will question everything you thought normal about your ill-fitting bra.

- The cups gape at the top, (or alternatively gives you four boobs), or the wires sit on your breast tissue
-The under-band rides up your back, or is always on the tightest hook and eye
- The straps dig into your shoulders, giving you an indentation
- You can fit five arms up the under-band of your bra (this is clearly wrong, or you are an alien)
-You can easily pull your under-band away from your body
-Your bra moves when you lift your arms, (or with any movement)
- Your boobies spill out of your bra in every which way (under, over, side, middle)
-Your bra just feels uncomfortable, but you can't pinpoint what it is.

                                  This wonderful little guide comes from Debenhams, it allows you to compare 
                                             your own bra to the lovely, (super skinny) model.  The concepts are the same.

If you've related to any of these pointers, your bra does not fit you!!  Many ladies go for a fitting, or regular fittings, in boutiques and department stores and still find these points relate to them.  If that is the case, you are not being fitted correctly either.

Now that you've worked out that your bra, is in fact not fitting, my next wee post will focus on how to get that magical little garment fitting like a glove.  Encouraging you to feel confident, feminine and lovely.

It's not so scary ladies! We all deserve to make the most of our boobies and the first step is working out that your bra does not fit you!  Are you one of the 75% who is wearing the wrong bra size?

Get sharing & check back soon!  Be part of the bra revolution.

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  1. I'm pretty sure I'm part of that 75% :( It's been really annoying recently so I should probably sort it out! Gisforgingers xx