I'm too slow for fashion...

Jumping on the blogger 'bandwagon', after watching a few of my friends begin their own, I somehow felt I was missing out on a personal and creative way of expression.  "So, let's start a blog", I thought to myself.

I've never been a girl that's particularly in the know about beauty and make-up, usually sticking to the good old 'tried and tested' shades and brands, browns mainly.  I don't think I'm brave enough to try new and bright colours, (usually worrying I'll look like a clown), so a beauty blog from me would be a waste of everybody's time.  I could envision the end result of me being very skint with a fat make up bag of products I'm pretty clueless about and too scared to even bother using. So that was out the window.  Fashion?  Well, unless folk want to read about the bargain 50p jumper I just snapped up from the charity shop, that's not really an area I follow very much either.  I don't read fashion magazines and I'm pretty baffled about what's on trend for each season.  Fashion confuses me and I think I should give up trying to be 'fashionable'.  Each time I try to get in with the seasons latest trend, folk have already moved onto the next one.  I'm too slow for fashion, I think that's my problem.

So here I am.  Slow and clueless, (with a boring face and wearing the clothes of someone who may, or may not be dead), drifting along in my own little world, as I have often been told.  It wasn't until a few days ago when I was filling out 'my skills' in a job application that I had a bit of a lightbulby moment.  Bras!  Here was something I had a fair knowledge of.  Having worked as a trained bra fitter, for almost five years, this is something I could say I feel pretty confident in.  Boobs!  It's true, I have seen many boobs of various shapes and sizes, and often felt my job was some kind of problem solving exercise, scratching my blonde head on many occasions.  However, boobs are an area I have a decent knowledge of (if I do say so myself) and is a topic which still interests (and often irritates) me on almost a daily basis.

Almost every time that I find myself in a public area, I desperately want to yank somebody's bra tighter or pour their spilling boobs back into their cases.  It is shocking how many women have no clue about bras, when it is the basis of our daily outfits. I admitted that I'm pretty clueless to fashion, but a good fitting bra is the foundation of every great dress or top, whatever the style. It baffles me how some women can go through a good chunk of their lives wearing bra sizes sometimes 4 or 5 times too big/small.  I have fitted many women who have worn only one size, the majority of their adult life, which nine times out of ten is completely wrong.  A lot of women are being told the wrong, (often conflicting) information by various department stores and lingerie shops.

So, for this blog, I offer my knowledge of bras, lingerie and fitting, in the hope that some lovely ladies will realise their full bra and body potential; whether big, small, real, fake or reconstructed.  A good fitting bra can change your whole outfit, posture, appearance and attitude.  There needs to be a bra revolution and hopefully this little blog (and you) can promote the magical garment and wear it with confidence.

Get sharing and check back soon.  Be part of the bra revolution!



  1. Love it! You have a natural wit Elaine, look forward to reading more x